General information

The Institute of Astronomy University of Zielona Góra was estabilished in 2000 at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Technology of  School of education (WSP). At this time following professors joined the team: Piotr Amsterdamski, Roman Juszkiewicz, Włodek Kluźniak from Warsaw and Andrzej Maciejewski from Toruń. After the University of Zielona Góra was establised Institute of Astronomy was part of the Faculty of Science. In 2004 a new Department of Physics and Astronomy was formed which includes Institutes of Physics and Astronomy. Currently Institute of Astronomy employs four professors, three assistant professors and six doctors. Institute of Astronomy has a entitlement to conduct the direction ASTRONOMY with specialization in Computational Astrophysics. Since 2005, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy has a right to confer the degree of doctor of physical sciences in the field of Astronomy. In autumn 2005 the Braniborska Tower was completely restored and transformed into a modern astronomical observatory.